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Math is a Scary Subject

I am not a numbers person. Numbers, in my opinion, are the more definitive version of truth. For example, it may be true that I know deep down I should not be spending money on eating out tonight. But when I actually see the number of dollars resting in my bank account, it is then … Continue reading

“That’ll be $7, please.”

So, Starbucks is in the news once again. Surprise, surprise. This time, it’s because they’ve introduced a very expensive new treat to their menu. According to Time magazine online, this new menu item is supposedly stems from a very rare coffee bean. So rare, it says, that there have only roasted 450 bags half-pound bags. … Continue reading

What Does the US and India Have in Common?

Happy Friday, my fellow coffee-loving bloggers. As I sip my delicious Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee, I decide to check up on the trending topics on my beloved Twitter. ‘Starbucks’ was on the list yet again. Naturally, I ask “Why?”, and snoop further. Turns out that Starbucks, the largest coffee-chain in the world, is expanding its … Continue reading

Do You Know What Tomorrow Is?

It’s a cold, rainy Friday morning. I’ve already reluctantly gotten out of bed, dressed, and made it to school. Of course, I decide to grab some coffee before my day progresses any further. While in line for my drink, I check my Twitter feed. As I scroll through the morning batch of tweets, I spot … Continue reading