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Coffee + Pinterest = Holiday Fun

My post the other day combined with my new rekindled love for Pinterest has inspired me to post yet again about crafty, fun, coffee-related goodness. Winter break is just around the corner and I’ll definitely have some time on my hands. Maybe I’ll actually be able to try some of these goodies out! I’m also … Continue reading

Cool Beans!

  How many of you bloggers still grind your own coffee beans? I can’t say I am in your company on this one, but seriously, how good do they smell? Has that gorgeous aroma ever stopped you from grinding them up??   Once upon a time, I wrote a post about other uses for old … Continue reading

Dear Santa…

Dear Santa…

The holidays are just a few short weeks away! My roommates and I have already set up the house for the big day. We’ve got stockings hung and lights all over. Our tree is all decked out in silver balls and garland, with some Owl’s mixed in for school spirit. Yes, we may be a … Continue reading