Why you should never, EVER, make Red Velvet Coffee Cake Pops

2012-02-24_cakepops01Yes, you read that right. Red Velvet COFFEE cake pops?! Oh, how delicious! But, STOP RIGHT THERE. I found four major problems with creating these pops. Feel free to read on.

Problemo numero uno: When the recipe calls for coffee, they mean LIQUID. This one I take total blame for. #rookiemistake

Problemo numero dos (Yes, I enjoy a sprinkle of Spanish now and then): The thing with red velvet cake mix is that if you spill even the tiniest bit, and add wet hands (because you were trying to wash away the remains of your first failed attempt), the surface area of the place you spilled on WILL TURN RED. Hence, three or four wash clothes are now in my washer as we speak.

Problemo numero tres: This whole process just creates a TON of dirty dishes. And by dirty dishes I mean red cake mix EVERYWHERE. As a result, my hands were stained a very bright red and were very dry. My mood and excitement had exponentially gone downhill by this point.

Problemo numero quatro: So, I get through the baking on the second try with success. The cake mix is crumbled, the frosting is added, the balls are formed and chilling in the freezer. Once it’s time to add the sticks and cover the pops in melted chocolate, the pops begin to fall apart. COOL. Just another problemo to add to my list!! I was FUMING.

I have to admit, I just proofread this post and it really doesn’t seem all that bad. So maybe you will be able to attempt this recipe and heed far better results. My problemos could certainly be simple amateur mistakes, but nonetheless, I will not be making any more cake pops!

*Editor’s note: I finally got myself to try one, and it was actually pretty tasty. It really was just a super messy, tedious process in order to get the end result. So if you’re not into cleaning up or have little to no patience, that’s why I would recommend you not to try this recipe out!*


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