Cool Beans!

Coffee beans

Coffee beans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


How many of you bloggers still grind your own coffee beans? I can’t say I am in your company on this one, but seriously, how good do they smell? Has that gorgeous aroma ever stopped you from grinding them up??


Once upon a time, I wrote a post about other uses for old coffee cans. To mix things up a bit, I’ve come up with a list of other uses people have for their coffee beans. It’s an interesting list, to say the least…


I first stumbled upon a finance site that has all sorts of surprising ways to use products outside the norm. This article compiled a list of 14 “crazy alternatives” for those delicious beans. Their first alternative use was to simply put some beans in a mesh bag (or use loose beans) and put them anywhere where there may be an unpleasant stench, such as a diaper pail, trash can, even sneakers! Some of the other uses were to stick some beans in your garden to keep away the pests or to mix them up with carrot seeds and radishes to help them grow better. That one was a surprise to me.


Also on that list was making coffee ice cubes. I’ve seen this special tray for them in so many stores, and somehow have managed not to buy it…yet. Meant to boost the flavor of your homemade iced coffee, it’s a great stocking stuffer perhaps?? Another cute idea for someone who really enjoys coffee is to make them a coffee candle! I’ve seen this all over Pinterest. Simply place some beans in a candle holder and insert a tea light in the middle. The mix of scents is amazing! Also on Pinterest are these adorable scented Christmas trees. They’re available on and would make a great gift for a coffee fanatic with a little more stylish approach at using the beans as decor.


A fellow blogger on WordPress also came up with a list, but included some recipes that use beans as a secret ingredient! How good do Coffee Marinated Bison Short Ribs sound?? I may have to try. Or maybe I’ll try a few of these beauty tips with the beans. Apparently, they are good for natural dye, shiny hair, and even exfoliating skin!


Who knew the same beans used to make delicious coffee could also be helpful in many other ways! Any of these you’re willing to try or already have? What’s the most surprising on the list?



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