Posted in December 2012

Thank Goodness It Is Friday

College students around the country are rejoicing today. For a lot of us, it is the last day of regular classes for the semester. For me, it’s especially awesome because it is the last day of Friday classes for the rest of the school year!  In light of this special day, I’d like to say … Continue reading

Coffee + Pinterest = Holiday Fun

My post the other day combined with my new rekindled love for Pinterest has inspired me to post yet again about crafty, fun, coffee-related goodness. Winter break is just around the corner and I’ll definitely have some time on my hands. Maybe I’ll actually be able to try some of these goodies out! I’m also … Continue reading

Cool Beans!

  How many of you bloggers still grind your own coffee beans? I can’t say I am in your company on this one, but seriously, how good do they smell? Has that gorgeous aroma ever stopped you from grinding them up??   Once upon a time, I wrote a post about other uses for old … Continue reading

Math is a Scary Subject

I am not a numbers person. Numbers, in my opinion, are the more definitive version of truth. For example, it may be true that I know deep down I should not be spending money on eating out tonight. But when I actually see the number of dollars resting in my bank account, it is then … Continue reading