“That’ll be $7, please.”

So, Starbucks is in the news once again. Surprise, surprise. This time, it’s because they’ve introduced a very expensive new treat to their menu. According to Time magazine online, this new menu item is supposedly stems from a very rare coffee bean. So rare, it says, that there have only roasted 450 bags half-pound bags.

This Costa Rica Tarrazú Geisha is part of the company’s “luxury reserve line”. While it is sold-out online already, you can still grab a cup in select locations for, get this, $6 a 12-ounce cup (that’s “tall” for you Starbucks folk and “small” for the rest of us). And, for just one more dollar, they can pour you a cup 4-ounces larger!

I am not even going to pretend that I’ve never paid more for something than I should have. I’m sure we’ve all fell victim to this practice a time or two. But really, $7 for a cup of coffee?? I wouldn’t do it. The most I’ve paid for a coffee is 9 €, which is just under $12 US. That was crazy, but it was a special circumstance. I had a 4 or 5 hour layover in Germany en route to Poland, it was ridiculously early in the morning…you get the picture.

So, my Starbucks-loving bloggers, will you be headed to one of only 46 locations to have this exquisite cup o’ Joe? Or will you stick to the usual? I’m dying to know!


2 thoughts on ““That’ll be $7, please.”

  1. I saw this in the news this morning and I think it is absolutely insane! It was accompanied by a story that they will be selling a steel gift card for $450 that only has $400 on it. First of all, who gives out a $400 gift card? And second of all, who pays $50 to have a gift card made?

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