Twitter Time

There are few things other than coffee that will get me out of bed in the morning. I will admit that sadly (but I’m not really that sad about it), reaching for my phone to check my Twitter feed is one of them.

For those of you who refuse to join the tweeting world or still just don’t get it, Twitter is basically like mini-blogging. Each tweet allows only up to 140 characters, so you really only get to type out your abbreviated thoughts.

Starbucks is almost always a trending topic. And now I probably have you wondering what the heck everyone is mini-blogging about Starbucks for?

  • @ClassyGirlpr0bs, “Having your super complex Starbucks order as flawlessly executed as Mitt Romney’s hair.” You’re so right, Classy Girl Problems. That is definitely considered a real victory in my everyday life…
  • @jasonyantha, “Starting today the only thing I care about is Christmas, because Starbucks told me to.” I guess in the Starbucks cult, I mean community, November 1st marks the beginning of sales for their holiday drinks and the red holiday cups. I’m surprised this isn’t secretly a national holiday.
  • @biggovt, “Lefty Starbucks CEO Endorses Obama: Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced Thursday that he is endorsing Barack …” Props to the CEO for being able to consider people outside his preferred party! This gives me a little more respect for the company.

You never know what you’re going to find on Twitter. From “classy” girl problems to the latest political headlines, it’s all in one convenient little page.

But as most of you loyal followers of my glorious blog know, Starbucks just isn’t my thing. I am loud and proud about my Dunkin’ addiction. So what do other tweeters have to say about that?

  • @YanBobkiv, “#ifWeDate you better bring me dunkin donuts #onlyrequirement.” In my world, that would be a fantastic relationship motto. I hope that works out for you, Yan!
  • @AlyssaQuinn4L, “Can Dunkin Donuts deliver pls?” You don’t know how many times I have asked and will continue to ask this question.
  • @Keep_Calm_N, “Keep Calm and drink Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.” Amen to that!

Now, those are my kind of Twitter folk!


8 thoughts on “Twitter Time

  1. I liked the turning point in this article: “Starbucks is almost always a trending topic. And now I probably have you wondering what the heck everyone is mini-blogging about Starbucks for?”. It gives the reader a sense that something significant is going to follow it and provokes interest.

  2. I like the premise of this post. It is humorous to me to think that coffee has such a following that it actually has news people need to know about (outside of free-trade political stuff), yet you’ve found a way to incorporate that trend into your post. Nice work!

  3. I appreciate the twitter info at the beginning. I have never used twitter so the mini blog reference was very enlightening. I thought the links were interesting, but I do agree they should be more varied. It seems they are mostly political which does not seem to match with the title of your post. If there was more variety that would be great. Otherwise I like the format of the blog and it is very easy reading.

  4. Nice hook, humorous tweets. I find that people who are new to twitter find it to be equal parts frustrating/difficult to understand, and they then get bored with it rather quickly. You posting the funniest starbucks related tweets will convince people that twitter is a movement worth getting with and sticking to. Nicely done, boss.

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