Posted in November 2012

“That’ll be $7, please.”

So, Starbucks is in the news once again. Surprise, surprise. This time, it’s because they’ve introduced a very expensive new treat to their menu. According to Time magazine online, this new menu item is supposedly stems from a very rare coffee bean. So rare, it says, that there have only roasted 450 bags half-pound bags. … Continue reading

Dear Santa…

Dear Santa…

The holidays are just a few short weeks away! My roommates and I have already set up the house for the big day. We’ve got stockings hung and lights all over. Our tree is all decked out in silver balls and garland, with some Owl’s mixed in for school spirit. Yes, we may be a … Continue reading

Twitter Time

There are few things other than coffee that will get me out of bed in the morning. I will admit that sadly (but I’m not really that sad about it), reaching for my phone to check my Twitter feed is one of them. For those of you who refuse to join the tweeting world or … Continue reading