Brew, Recycle, Repeat!

Happy Halloween, bloggers! In the midst of all this spooky fun today, I’d like to take a few moments to present to you my latest post.

It’s the end of the month, and many of you probably have some coffee canisters laying around ready to be recycled (hopefully!). DIY crafts have made a huge comeback in public interest recently (ever heard of Pinterest?). Why not take those rusty old cans and turn them into something new and spectacular?!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

The Candy Can – When I was of proper trick-or-treating age, I used the ole pillow case routine for collecting my goodies. But what would be way cooler is to decorate a coffee can and use that instead! Or if your child would rather something larger, have them come home to several decorated cans that they can sort their treats in! Super easy and effective!

Coffee Caddies & Cubbies – If you’ve got quite a few cans laying around, this project will use up at least six or more! Creating a caddy with those canisters creates great organization for all those art or office supplies you have. Need a little more space than that? Put them up on the wall and use them to create cubbies!

The Coffee Can Light – In the mood to update a light fixture? I bet you never would’ve guessed that you can use those canisters for that project! This recipe for lighting uses three cans. I think it’s pretty sleek and modern looking. Your friends will be super impressed with this green idea! If you’re feeling ambitious and like home-improvement, this one is for you!

The Coffee Vase – Calling all coffee-loving artists! Ever thought of sticking some of those mosaic tiles to your can and calling it a vase? Me neither! Although it may be a little more pricey and time-consuming, the end results are really pretty! This may be my favorite idea. One of these rainy days, maybe I can get the guts to try it out!

Again, these are just a few ideas. The possibilities for recycling and reusing coffee/tin cans are endless! If you’re feeling extra crafty or artsy one day, give one of these ideas a go and see what happens!


4 thoughts on “Brew, Recycle, Repeat!

  1. I’m not surprised this post got lots of likes. I suspect it may be because, in addition to finding a a fun way to broaden your topic a bit/take your topic in interesting directions (as you’ve been consistently doing all along), the ‘crafty’ nature of this post is potentially useful and appealing to web audiences (and it’s presented in your usual engaging style…).

    What do you think about your classmates’ takes on your ‘values’? Or, any surprises? Any values that you yourself had in mind that you don’t yet see amongst their responses? (If so, what might you do to more clearly convey those?)

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