Celebrities…They Need It Too

I don’t know about you all, but if I were in such high demand as a celebrity, I would need much more caffeine in my system to get me through the long days of filming, modeling, public speaking, singing and the occasional getting arrested. It must take quite a toll on their insanely fabulous bodies. To make myself and maybe some of you feel like you’re a little less of a caffeine fiend, here are some of my favorite celebs who also need their daily cup of awesomeness.

Taylor Swift – How many times has this girl been photographed coming out of a coffee shop? Or better yet, how many times can the singer possibly Instagram a photo of a cute little Starbucks drink (the second most popular brand on the blog)? In one of her most recent singles, Begin Again, Tay updates us on her never-ending love story, even claiming that, “…on a Wednesday in a cafe, I watched it begin again.” Let’s hope she gets it right this time!

Hunter Hayes – This country cutie has a very open relationship with coffee. The singer often will tweet his love for his beverage, most of the time wishing he had more of it. I’m surprised he hasn’t written a song about it yet. Maybe next album?

Mike Ditka and Will Ferrell – Mr. Ferrell is a comedic God, and his 2005 comedy “Kicking and Screaming” was no exception to that statement. Mike Ditka introduces Ferrell’s character to coffee, and for the rest of the film Ferrell is hopelessly addicted to the drink, even bringing an over-sized, fancy cappuccino machine to his son’s soccer games. It’s a classic example of addiction gone wrong.

PSY – If you’ve ever translated the lyrics to this ultra-weird new tune, you’ll be surprised to find that all they really want is “a classy girl who know how to enjoy the freedom of a cup of coffee.” Ah yes, every man’s dream, right?

See? We’re not the only ones! Celebrities need it too. No matter how strict their diet or how willing they are to go out into the real world, many of the famous consider coffee a crucial part of their day too. It’s nice to know we’re not alone :)


9 thoughts on “Celebrities…They Need It Too

  1. I enjoyed the hook to this post and it encouraged me to read further. Needing caffeine for the “occasional arrest” was pretty funny. I also enjoyed how you included your favorite celebrities who enjoy coffee. As a side note, I love the new logo you put up for K- Cup Column at the top of the site.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I thought that your hook was written very well. The part of your lead-in where you talked about the occasional celebrity getting arrested was hilarious. I liked how you included social networking in this post and integrated links that were both relevant to this post and your blog overall. It was great that you included so many singers and bands interpretations of coffee. Keep up the great work. I think the new layout of your blog works well too.

  3. Great job! Talking to the reader right from the start, “I don’t know about you all,” is an instant hook and definitely made me want to read further. Funny and witty, with links to instagram is a nice touch too.

  4. haha, that was awesome! I found it wicked funny how you went into the celebrities lives to get the caffeinated details. Even translating PSY, that was just classic. Great use of the links also.

  5. This was great Kels. You really hit the nail on the head with your topic. Your voice was present and I could definitely picture you sitting in front of me telling me this story. I loved how you incorporated your own opinion at the end of each celebrity too. “Maybe next album?” very clever. Also, who would’ve ever thought that PSY was talking about a girl who enjoys the freedom of a cup of coffee? From the video, I would’ve never guessed.

  6. You picked the perfect topic for your link round up. By highlighting different celebrities and giving us links that didn’t really interrupt the stories. You were able too add a lot of interest and value with your links.

  7. The I don’t know about you all opening is a great hook. I don’t really have anything critical to say I just need to fill out the requirement so I guess include more celebrities.

  8. I like hook because people can relate to it. When a celebrity is busy all the time they would need a lot of caffine. Also, I liked the fact you put different celebrities in your post.

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