Do You Know What Tomorrow Is?

It’s a cold, rainy Friday morning. I’ve already reluctantly gotten out of bed, dressed, and made it to school. Of course, I decide to grab some coffee before my day progresses any further.

While in line for my drink, I check my Twitter feed. As I scroll through the morning batch of tweets, I spot one posted by Dunkin’ Donuts about how “National Coffee Day” is…tomorrow?

There’s a ‘national’ day for everything it seems. Yesterday was supposedly “National Sibling Day”. I could’ve sworn I had already celebrated that one in the spring. Looks like I got my dates confused.

However, my fellow caffeine fiends, tomorrow is our day. How will you be celebrating this day of all days? Perhaps you’ll break out your favorite mug, or try a new flavor or coffee shop. Maybe you’ll decide to take this opportunity to take a break from coffee all together (I’m sorry for you in advance).

Whatever you decide, just remember this is our day. No one can take it away from us. I’ve even found a list of a few freebies and discounts for you to enjoy this weekend.

So, I wish you a happy “National Coffee Day”, or simply a happy Saturday. Cheers!


6 thoughts on “Do You Know What Tomorrow Is?

  1. It’s a short post, but it’s definitely to the point. It has a specific topic that readers can and will relate to. Plus, adding the link for freebies was a really nice touch. On top of that, the read was interesting and the writing was well done! Very eye-catching!

  2. This post really grabbed my attention. It is brief but it gets the point across. I really enjoy your humor in the post as you relate your love of coffee to caffeine lovers everywhere. I really enjoyed your link to discounts. It makes me want to get some coffee. Well done!

  3. The anecdote about you getting coffee isn’t much of a relevant story, but it serves as a great segue into the information you’re giving about National Coffee Day. It captures the reader’s attention before seamlessly transitioning into just information. I think that was very well done.

    I like how you linked to different promotions people could take advantage of for Coffee Day. I think you should have made a bigger deal about that in the post somehow, even if it is just in tags. That seems like a great way to get more readers!

    Nice work!

  4. I like the inclusion of the helpful link.
    As a reader, I was a bit thrown off stride by “Whatever you decide, just remember this is your day. No one can take it away from us.” Here (at least for me as a reader) the rule of “Be Consistent” comes into play: the first sentence speaks of “you,” the second of “us.” What if the first sentence instead read “…this is our day”?

  5. I liked your closing line, “So, I wish you a happy “National Coffee Day”, or simply a happy Saturday. Cheers!”
    Instead of just ending with the link to discounts/freebies (which is a great addition to the post itself), ending on a more personal note was great to keep with the personal conversation-like tone of your posts. And it doesn’t sound “pushy” like you fully expect your readers to celebrate National Coffee Day, but you hope they enjoy their day either way!

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