Hey there, coffee lovers!

Welcome to K-Cup Column!

There’s not much here yet, so I bet you’re curious as to what this will all be about.

Maybe you’ve come across this thinking this is just another average Joe rambling on how much he loves coffee, or even more literally that I’m going to review all the varieties of K-Cups and give you spoiler alerts on any new ones coming out…

First of all, I do not use K-Cups. I brew my favorite beverage the old-fashioned way. Just throwing that out there. Secondly, I’m actually a “she”, and my name is not Joe.

So now, I bet you’re totally confused as to what this blog is all about.

Well, my answer to the confusion is that this blog will be about pretty much anything and everything involving one of my greatest passions in life (how lame does that sound?).

I’m hoping that my K-Cup Column will be a little piece of weekly enjoyment, where you’ll find lots of things to interest you, including some humorous experiences involving caffeine and maybe a little bit of beneficial information sprinkled in here and there. You may even come across the occasional something so cool that I can’t even begin to describe it in print!

In any event, you’re here, and I’m hoping to bring something to the coffee table to either inspire you, enlighten you, or to simply brighten your day.

So welcome, and hope to have you back soon!


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