Posted in September 2012

Do You Know What Tomorrow Is?

It’s a cold, rainy Friday morning. I’ve already reluctantly gotten out of bed, dressed, and made it to school. Of course, I decide to grab some coffee before my day progresses any further. While in line for my drink, I check my Twitter feed. As I scroll through the morning batch of tweets, I spot … Continue reading

Short Story Time

Morning, bloggers. I’m in class, and this is a cute little exercise we’re working on. Six-word stories…talk about creativity! Here’s a few to ponder over while sipping your morning delight: “No more coffee. Life is crap!” Home is where the coffee brews. You had me at Dunkin’ Donuts. Starbucks or Dunkin’: The ultimate rivalry.

Hey there, coffee lovers!

Welcome to K-Cup Column! There’s not much here yet, so I bet you’re curious as to what this will all be about. Maybe you’ve come across this thinking this is just another average Joe rambling on how much he loves coffee, or even more literally that I’m going to review all the varieties of K-Cups … Continue reading